(ii)	Payment of salaries to the key executives for work performed for the
companies within the Group, stock options and ownership in the Company are 
specified as follows:                                

All number of shares are in '000

Board of Directors:           Salaries   Stock options Put options Shares owned 

Sindri Sindrason,Chairman             0             0            0       32.222 
Magnus Þorsteinsson,former Chairman  44             0            0      622.725 
Eggert Magnusson                      8             0            0        2.983 
Gunnar M. Bjorg                      15             0            0       73.014 
Thor Kristjansson                     0             0            0       13.136 

Baldur Gudnason                      644           9.000       67.568    67.568 
Other members of key management(8) 1.704          14.550            0    28.303 

The shares owned by Board members and top management are either owned by them
personally or through holding companies. 
Baldur Gudnason has a put option of the shares he ownes originally for three
years or until 24.4.2010 at the share price 37,76 and the option can be
realised at any time during that period. The Company has made an agreement with
Baldur that he will work for the company no less than next three years. 
At a board meeting held 20 December 2007, Magnus Thorsteinsson resigned as
Chairman and as a member of the board and Sindri Sindrason was elected instead
as a Chairman. 
A formal stock option plan was issued on 6th of March 2007 for the
aforementioned stock options.