Toulouse, IGE+XAO Group announces:

Annual consolidated financial statement for the 2017/2018 financial period (in IFRS format)* and pro-forma consolidated financial statements for the calendar year 2018

            Operational profitability 2017/2018 (17 months): 29.2%

Consolidated Profit & Loss
not audited
 17 months12 months12 months 12 months
  Operating revenues1,199,956827,743874,572-5.4%907,746
  Operating expenses-32,801,829-23,437,049-22,886,1772.4%-22,401,426
Operating income (loss)12,664,9889,277,1778,859,8114.7%7,945,550
Consolidated income before tax12,915,9679,463,1589,037,9444.7%8,223,769
  Income tax-3,659,926-2,631,245-2,456,1877.1%-2,314,893
Consolidated income9,203,9556,762,0986,547,9883.3%5,857,121
Net result - Group9,044,8916,606,5436,469,0902.1%5,781,563

Consolidated turnover
not audited
 12 months12 months 
1st quarterFrom 1 January to 31 March7,937,0047,578,0894.7%
2nd quarterFrom 1 April to 30 June8,076,2918,418,785-4.1%
3rd quarterFrom 1 July to 30 September7,484,2947,209,1863.8%
4th quarterFrom 1 October to 31 December8,388,8947,665,3559.4%
 From 1 January to 31 December31,886,48330,871,4153.3%

Following the change in the close-out date of the accounts decided by the Combined Shareholders' Meeting of 25 June 2018, the 2017/2018 financial period, closed out at 31 December 2018, has an exceptional duration of 17 months. The related consolidated turnover stands at 44,266,861 euros; operational profitability and net profitability reached 29.2% and 20.4% compared respectively to 27.9% and 19.6% as at 31 July 2017, the close-out date of the latest published financial statements.

In order to better apprehend the change in the activity, pro-forma statements have been drawn up based on the twelve months of the calendar year. Thus, over the year 2018, consolidated turnover which stands at 31,886,483 euros is up 3.3% compared to 2017, or growth of 3.7% on a like-for-like basis (excluding the impact of the application of IFRS 15** over this period). The fourth quarter was particularly dynamic with consolidated turnover reaching 8,388,894 euros compared to 7,665,355 euros one year ago, which is an increase of 9.4%.

The growth in the activity, along with good control of expenses is accompanied by a substantial change in profitability with operating income over the year 2018 reaching 9,277,177 euros, which is operational profitability of 29.7%***, and total consolidated net income of 6,762,098 euros as such bringing net profitability to 20.7%****.
With regards to Research and Development, the period was dynamic with particular efforts on its software for the design and manufacture of electrical cabinets and cables, maintenance and troubleshooting and advanced management of electrical equipment catalogues.

Backed with these results and solid fundamentals, IGE+XAO, now a Schneider Electric company, intends to pursue its action plan, having as objectives to accelerate international development, strong investment in R&D and a high level of profitability.

*     The consolidated financial statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 11 February 2019 and will be submitted for approval to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting.

**    Application of IFRS 15 does not significantly affect the Group's consolidated financial statements as at 31 December 2018

***   Operational profitability: operating income / turnover 

**** Net profitability: net income / turnover 

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