Louisville, CO, April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accurence, Inc., and National Water today announced a strategic partnership that will lead the way in automated adjusting. Only with automated adjusting, can insurers realize touchless property claims while simultaneously achieving consistent settlement uniformity. Now, the insurance industry has a single-source for wind, hail, hurricane, flood, restoration, salvage, and mitigation guideline automation on residential and commercial claims.

The insurance industry is evolving: guidelines are increasing, adjuster expertise is diminishing, repair methods are more complex and consumers expect a faster, streamlined settlement process. To overcome these market challenges, carriers are developing new workflows with additional work groups that can impart compliance with inspection processes, scoping practices, estimating and auditing.

“We have built a platform where multiple information sources function collaboratively and efficiently.  Our patented Smart Automated Guideline Engine (S.A.G.E™) synthesizes and interprets massive amounts of data unique to the claim and each carrier’s guidelines.” said Jake Labrie, Accurence president. “Both Accurence and National Water understand guideline management and have applied it to automate the claims process.”

Accurence has built over 40 smart automated guideline engines for the largest insurance carriers and helped contractors, vendors and carriers transition from manual data entry to electronic forms, to mobile apps that enable virtual claim handling. Only Accurence and National Water ground their inspection, scoping, estimating and auditing solutions in carrier-specific guidelines and industry standards to achieve the consistency and accuracy required for automated adjusting.

“Our strategic partnership means we can add our water focused expertise to SettleAssist® and QualityAssist® completely automating processes for insurers.” said Ted Nelson, chief executive officer of National Water. “85% of the loss types and workflows will be serviceable by the partnership, delivering the most robust fully-functional guideline management platform in the industry.”

Find out how Accurence and National Water’s guideline-based solutions help accelerate automated adjusting at Accurence.com.

About Accurence, Inc.

Accurence, Inc., is headquartered in Louisville, Colorado but grew-up studying property loss and claims data all over the country. As a result, Accurence developed a suite of ‘Assist’ solutions that synchronizes proprietary guideline management software with mobile technology to deliver unprecedented efficiencies for both insurance companies and roofing contractors. While the Assist apps automated the manual and subjective claims process, it is Accurence’s patented Smart Automated Guideline Engine (S.A.G.E™) that drives the industry toward automated adjusting.  S.A.G.E integrates and interprets massive amounts of inputs from numerous sources and standardizes the data.  Only with an S.A.G.E enabled platform is automated adjusting possible, which means insurers turn the claims settlement processes into a source of competitive advantage, market differentiation, and brand loyalty.  

About National Water

Based in Jacksonville, Fl., National Water is a leading provider of water mitigation estimating and review analytics for the National Flood Insurance Program and homeowner insurance claims. The National Water software system, Prime, is based on the industry standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, (IICRC), FEMA Guidance 13025a, and insurance specific guidelines developed over the past decade.

Kristi Ashton
Accurence, Inc