IT – INET Nordic and Genium INET Change of trading system for Convertible Bonds (51/17)

| Source: Listing and Trading Operations

As communicated earlier (10/17), Nasdaq Nordic has decided to migrate all Convertible bonds currently traded in the INET Nordic trading system to the Genium INET as the MiFID II related development work for bonds will be done in Genium INET.

The change will be mandatory for all members trading Convertible Bonds. This will be a migration and change of trading system, no delisting of products will be required.

The change to production will be implemented in Genium INET on October 30, 2017 as of which the market segments and respective instruments will be traded in Genium INET.

Current INET identifiers

INET Market segment MIC INET sequent code
OMX STO Convertibles XSTO 3
First North Convertibles STO FNSE 55


Current Instrument Scope on OMX STO Convertibles

Symbol Market Segment Instrument
ARISE KV1 OMX STO Convertibles Arise KV1
MIDW KV 3A OMX STO Convertibles Midway Holding KV 3A
MIDW KV 3B OMX STO Convertibles Midway Holding KV 3B
KDEV KV1 OMX STO Convertibles Karolinska Development KV1
STWK KV1 OMX STO Convertibles Stockwik Förvaltning KV 1
ENRO KV 1 OMX STO Convertibles Eniro KV 1


Current Instrument Scope on First North Convertibles STO

Symbol Market Segment Instrument
TASTE KV First North Convertibles STO myTaste KV
PAPI KV1 First North Convertibles STO Papilly KV 1


Genium INET Market segment MIC Genium INET source code
STO Convertible Bonds XSTO 140
STO FN Convertible Bonds FNSE 176


Market Data over GCF

Separate information will follow on changes in GCF-TIP.


Legal and Market Model

The Nasdaq Nordic Member Rules and Market Model will be updated.

Time Schedule

  • Genium INET EXT3 test – Currently in test since March 6, 2017
  • Genium INET Production – October 30, 2017

The last day of trading in INET will be Friday October 27, 2017. Nasdaq Nordic will thereafter deregister the markets and instruments effective October 30 2017.

Good-Till-Cancel (GTC) orders will be deleted, and participants must consider re-entering these orders in Genium INET on Monday, October 30, 2017.

The first day of trading in Genium INET will be Monday, October 30, 2017.

From Monday October 23 until Monday October 30, 2017 no new convertible listings will be registered due to the migration activity.

Questions and feedback

For further information concerning this exchange notice please contact Anders Green, +46 8 405 6752,,  or Angelica Nordberg, +46 8 405 6633,



For technical questions please contact Technical Support (Genium INET):
Tel: +46 8 405 6750

Or Nasdaq Equity Operations (INET):
Tel: +46 405 6410


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