(RELEASE INCLUDES MARKET GUIDANCE)                                              

Negotiation result has been reached in the statutory negotiations started on May
13, 2008 in Cencorp Corporation. Amount of employees in Finnish sites decreases 
in all by 25 people. Reductions will be realized mainly by dismissals.          

French subsidiary of Cencorp Corporation will end its operations by September   
30, 2008. Business operations in France will be simultaneously out-sourced to   
local distributors.                                                             

Furthermore, Cencorp Corporation still examines different options related to    
receiving its American subsidiary profitable as well as possibilities to close  
down its subsidiary in Sweden.                                                  

By these efficiency improvement measures company reaches approx. EUR 2.5 million
savings in fixed and operational costs. These measures will begin to have a     
positive impact on results in fourth quarter of year 2008 and savings are       
reached in full during year 2009.                                               

Due to the rearrangements, Cencorp Corporation will register non-recurring costs
approximately EUR 0.9 million for the  second  quarter of year  2008 as         
disclosed in May 13, 2008.                                                      

Cencorp Corporation plans to sell its real estates in Lohja                     

Cencorp Corporation and Catella Property Oy have signed an agreement concerning 
arrangement, target of which is to sell industrial facilities of Cencorp        
Corporation in Lohja to third party investor and lease back facilities. Surface 
area of industrial and office buildings is approx. 5602 square meters. Real     
estates are burden by EUR 0.9 million loan from City of Lohja. Target is to sell
real estates during year 2008.                                                  

Acting CEO of Cencorp Corporation Changes                                       

Acting CEO Mr. Hannu Seppälä carried out successfully the demanding task given  
to him in May 2008 concerning rearrangements in Cencorp Corporation. The Board  
of Cencorp Corporation and Mr. Seppälä have agreed that Mr. Seppälä will focus  
to be in charge of testing and laser businesses of Cencorp Corporation in the   
future. The Board has started process to search a new CEO. CFO Mr. Jarmo Kanervo
has been appointed as acting CEO starting on June 27, 2008.                     

Management team of Cencorp Corporation consists of following people on June 27, 
2008: Acting CEO, CFO Jarmo Kanervo, Sami Lahokoski (production, Lohja), Arto   
Timonen (sales and marketing), Hannu Seppälä (testing and laser business) and   
Ville Parpola (legal affairs and HR).                                           

Market guidance                                                                 

Net sales of second quarter are estimated to be approx. EUR 4.0 - 4.2 million   
and earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) are estimated to be approx. EUR   
1.1 million negative, including approx. EUR 0.9 million non-recurring costs     
related to the rearrangements. Estimation concerning net sales and earnings     
before interest and taxes (EBIT) of the third quarter will be disclosed in      
interim report concerning second quarter on August 21, 2008.  Order book by the 
end of second quarter is approx. EUR 1.5 million. Financial position of Cencorp 
Corporation continues to be tight.                                              

In Lohja, 27th June 2008                                                        

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Jarmo Kanervo                                                                   
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Tel. +359 40 5278802                                                            

Cencorp develops and supplies automation solutions to the electronics and       
semiconductor industry that enhance productivity.                               

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