BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 26, 2008) - Sysload Software, a leader in systems measurement, performance and capacity management solutions for servers and data centers, today announced the launch of additional versions of its SP Analyst agents supporting WPARs on IBM AIX. Thanks to this new feature, Sysload SP Analyst can now control the performance of each individual WPAR within the host AIX system and assess the real impact that each individual partition has on physical resources, including processor, memory, disk and network utilization. Sysload SP Analyst already supports LPARs on AIX and is now one of the only solutions on the market that supports WPARs.

Under the AIX virtualization platform, physical machines can be partitioned into LPARs, which function as virtual machines, each having its own operating system. LPARs can further be partitioned into WPARs, which share the same operating system. The advantage of WPARs is that they do not require installation of multiple operating systems on the same machine (physical or virtual) and therefore fewer system resources are consumed. However, as with other virtualization platforms, WPARs present a more complex and dynamic environment with an increased risk of resource saturation. IT managers require accurate information that pinpoints the resource utilization of individual applications and processes running on virtualized partitions.

"We are pleased to expand the range of virtualization solutions covered by our SP Analyst agents," said Jérôme de Monteil, Chief Executive Officer of Sysload Software. "At Sysload, we understood the technological challenges brought about by virtualization early on and focused our R&D investments on the perfection of our performance metrics and their adaptation to the new constraints that it imposes."

About Sysload Software:

Sysload Software, a privately held corporation founded in 1999, is a world leader in systems measurement, performance and capacity management solutions for servers and data centers. It provides a solution to manage both physical and virtual environments on all types of servers found within today's corporate environment (Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Linux, Citrix, I-series, Netware, etc.). Sysload's unique technology allows companies to maximize use of current server infrastructure, optimize new server investment and reduce IT management costs. The company has joint headquarters in Creteil, France and Burlington, Massachusetts, USA as well as offices in the UK. For more information on Sysload Software, visit www.sysload.com.

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