Running R&D expenses estimated to be reduced by MSEK 115 on a rolling
twelve-month  basis

STOCKHOLM, May 15, 2008. The Swedish pharmaceutical company Biovitrum
AB (publ) (TICKER: STO:BVT) today announced that it has completed the
review of its research and  development organization as announced  in
November  2007,  when  the   company's  new  business  strategy   was
initiated. In the  new strategy, Biovitrum  will focus on  specialist
care pharmaceuticals, as well as taking  its projects all the way  to
market. Consequently, Biovitrum is in the process of out-licensing  a
majority of  the  company's  primary  care  projects.  As  previously
announced, this  may  also mean  that  individual projects  could  be
terminated. Therefore,  the company's  R&D organization  needs to  be
restructured and adjusted to the new business focus.

In  total,  some  150   positions  have  been  thoroughly   reviewed,
especially the parts  of the organization  working with primary  care
projects and biotechnical contract development.  During this process,
about 100 people have either  left the organization, been  internally
reallocated or  identified as  redundant.  The restructuring  is  now
completed, leading  to an  estimated  one-off cost  of MSEK  70.  The
running fixed R&D expenses are estimated to decrease with about  MSEK
115 on a rolling twelve-month basis.

Furthermore, Biovitrum's expertises  in protein process  development,
previously part of contract production,  have been integrated in  the
R&D organization. This will provide  the company with the  competence
and capacity to  develop small molecule  and protein  pharmaceuticals
for  diseases  with  high  unmet  medical  needs.  In  the  new   R&D
organization,  more  people   than  before  will   be  working   with
development projects, and  at the same  time, running external  costs
(e. g. clinical trial costs) will constitute a larger portion of  the
R&D budget."The size, flexibility  and competence  of our  new R&D  organization
make us  well  equipped to  effectively  deliver current  and  future
specialist care  products all  the  way to  the market.  The  present
staffing reduction  and  R&D  restructuring is  a  necessary,  albeit
painful,  step  to  ensure  Biovitrum's  continued  route  to  future
growth", said Martin Nicklasson, CEO of Biovitrum.

For more information please contact:

Biovitrum AB (publ)
Erik Kinnman, Vice President Investor Relations
Phone: +46 73 422 15 40

Martin Nicklasson, CEO
Phone. +46 8 697 20 00

About Biovitrum
Biovitrum is a pharmaceutical company  with operations in Sweden  and
in the UK. Biovitrum has currently a research portfolio with  several
projects in  clinical and  preclinical phases  for a  number of  well
defined specialist indications as well as for common diseases  within
obesity, diabetes, inflammation and eye diseases. Biovitrum  develops
and produces protein-based drugs on a contractual basis and markets a
range  of  specialist   pharmaceuticals  primarily   in  the   Nordic
countries. Biovitrum has  revenues of approximately  SEK 1.2  billion
and around  480 employees.  Biovitrum's share  is listed  on the  OMX
Nordic Exchange  in  Stockholm since  September  15, 2006.  For  more
information see