Company Announcement 10/2008

Greentech Energy systems A/S launches warrant programme


On 24 April 2008, in accordance with the “General guidelines for incentive pay”
approved at the annual general meeting on 23 April 2008, the Board of Directors
of Greentech Energy Systems A/S resolved to exercise its authority to issue a
warrant programme. 

The 2008 programme comprises 200,000 warrants, equal to 0.43% of the company's
issued share capital, with each warrant entitling the holder to subscribe for
one share of DKK 5.00 nominal value in Greentech Energy Systems A/S. On
exercise of the warrants, the shares will be subscribed at the strike price,
which is 80.10. 

The warrants are granted to members of the Management Board, senior employees
and other employees of Greentech.