JSC Akciju komercbanka Baltikums Share Capital has been Increased to LVL 14.525 Million

| Source: Akciju komercbanka "Baltikums"
As a result of the 10th share emission JSC Akciju komercbanka Baltikums paid up
share capital has been increased by LVL 2.2 to LVL 14.525 million. The emission
has been fully subscribed to and paid up by the Bank's shareholder - JSC
Baltikums Bankas Grupa. 

JSC Baltikums Bankas Grupa shares are owned by five residents of Latvia:

·	SIA Alexander Peshkov Family Holdings - 24.83 %;
·	SIA Sergey Peshkov Holdings - 24.83 %;
·	SIA Oleg Chepulsky Holdings - 24.83 %;
·	SIA Andrey Kochetkov Holdings - 24.83 %;
·	SIA Ivan Ulyanov Holdings - 0.68 %.

JSC Akciju komercbanka Baltikums Articles of Assotiation changes

1. New wording:

"3.1. The fixed capital of the Company amounts to 14,525,000 LVL (fourteen
million and five hundred twenty five thousand lats). The fixed capital of the
Company consists of 14,525,000 (fourteen million and five hundred twenty five
thousand lats) shares. The value of one share is 1 LVL (one lat)." 

Uldis Zandars
JSC Akciju komercbanka Baltikums
Deputy of Head of the Product Development and Marketing Department
Tel.: +371 67031408, +371 29206536
E-mail: uldis.zandars@bank.baltikums.com