Amanda Capital Plc's Annual Report 2007 is published in Finnish and English. It 
is available at the company's website > Annual Report 2007.    

AMANDA CAPITAL PLC                                                              

Petter Hoffström                                                                

Additional Information: CFO Petter Hoffström, tel. +358 9 6829 6012             

Distribution: OMX Nordic Exchange in Helsinki,             

The Amanda Group is a private equity management company. Its parent company is  
the first publicly listed private equity fund of funds in Scandinavia. Amanda   
has investments in 24 private equity funds and in four funds of funds under     
Amanda's own management.                                                        

Amanda Group is one of Finland's largest management companies of private equity 
fund investments. It manages several private equity fund portfolios under       
consultancy agreements and six private equity funds of funds with several       
domestic and international institutions as investors. Amanda Group currently has
EUR 1.6 billion of assets under management (original investment commitments)    
with which it has made investments in more than 100 private equity funds in     
Europe, the US, Asia, and Russia.