Alma Media Corporation Stock Exchange Announcement 3 March 2008 at


According to information received by Alma Media Corporation, Nordea
Bank Suomi Oyj (business ID 1680235-8), a Finnish subsidiary of the
Swedish corporation Nordea Bank AB (publ) (business ID code
516406-0120), has sold 1,301,600 Alma Media shares on Friday,
February 29, 2008. Due to this transaction, the holding of Nordea
Bank Suomi Oyj in Alma Media has fallen under 1/10 and is currently
8.04% of Alma Media's share capital and voting rights.

Furthermore, Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd. (business ID
0927072-8), a subsidiary of the Nordea Group, holds 210,000 Alma
Media shares, representing 0.28% of Alma Media's share capital and
voting rights.

Altogether, Nordea Group owns currently 6,212,108 Alma Media shares,
representing 8.33% of the share capital and votes.
Nordea Bank Suomi Oyj, as previously announced, has made forward
contracts on Alma Media Corporation shares. Of those, 60,019
contracts (6,001,900 shares) mature in March 2008. As the forward
contracts mature in March 2008, the holding of Nordea Bank Suomi Oyj
and Nordea Group will fall below 1/20.

Nordea Pankki Suomi Oyj has acquired the Alma Media Corporation
shares it currently owns as part of its liquidity guarantee business.


Rauno Heinonen
Vice President, Corporate Communications & IR
DISTRIBUTION: Helsinki Exchanges, principal media

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Net sales in 2007 totalled EUR 329 million and the operating margin
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