On February 26, 2008 the Extraordinary General Meeting of Proha Plc made the    
following decisions:                                                            

1. Number of members of the Board of Directors                                  

The Extraordinary General Meeting decided to alter the number of Board members  
to six.                                                                         

2. Election of members of the Board of Directors                                

The following persons were selected in the Proha Board: Birger Flaa, Ernest     
Jilderda, Antti Manninen, Ilari Koskelo, Jon Erling Tenvik and Svein Stavelin.  
Birger Flaa and Ernest Jilderda are continuing from the previous Board of       
Directors whereas all others are new members to the Board.                      

Proha in brief                                                                  

Proha is one of the leading providers of enterprise level project management    
software and services. We support customers executing projects and managing     
project business by providing a comprehensive set of tools and services with the
best project management practices. In 2007, the comparative net sales of Proha  
Group were EUR 51.0 million (EUR 41.0 million in 2006). Currently Proha Group   
employs over 380 people worldwide.                                              

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