The following notes have been changed from previously presented
financial statements:

Note 3.12 d
The last sentence of the note was deleted:"The Bank's amortisable intangible assets consist of software, whose
estimated useful life is 4 years."

Note 2.3b
The word semi-annually was changed into quarterly in following
sentence:"For this purpose the Bank's management reviews its loan portfolios
to assess impairment on a quarterly basis."

Note 14
Total numbers for bonds was changed from 1,799 to 3,567 and total
number of Borrowings, deposits and related derivatives was changed
from negative by 1,901 to positive by 1,901. The total number remains
the same.

Note 19
Salaries for 4 former Board members are now stated separately instead
of one total sum.

Numbers for various sectors in the table "categorised by industry
sectors" have been changed.

Note 81
Table for on-balance-sheet financial items: numbers for equity was
missing and it is now shown separately, therefore the total number
for financial liabilities was changed and the currency gap was also
changed accordingly.