Panostaja Oyj	Stock Exchange Bulletin, 1st February 2008                       


Mr. Heikki Nuutila, Master of Social Sciences, 49, has been appointed Panostaja 
Oyj's Development Director. Mr. Nuutila will be responsible for development of  
the parent company's business processes and the Group's real estate development,
while also working actively to support business area managers. Mr. Nuutila has  
extensive experience in development of SMEs, evaluation of businesses and       
business models as well as business acquisitions and disposals. His strengths   
include sound knowledge of the real estate sector and diverse industry          
expertise, complete with development of customer relationship and sales         
management.  His previous roles include CEO of Tutor Partners Oy and Director at
Andersen Global Corporate Finance.                                              

‘Mr. Nuutila's experience in SME development provides us with extra resources to
achieve our growth objectives,' says Panostaja CEO Juha Sarsama.                

Heikki Nuutila is a member of Panostaja Group's Management Team and will assume 
his role as Development Director on 1st February 2008.                          

Panostaja's target is to obtain more than 30% average growth in net turnover,   
including the impact of new business areas. The aim is to acquire 2 to 3 new    
business areas and complement existing areas through acquisitions, while also   
giving independence to one business area every year.                            

PANOSTAJA OYJ                                                                   

Juha Sarsama                                                                    

This stock exchange bulletin is a translation of the original Finnish stock     
exchange bulletin 30th January 2008                                             

For further information, please contact Mr. Juha Sarsama, mobile +358 (04)0 774