NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- The Securities Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes, P.A. ("K&T") ( announced today that it is continuing to process securities arbitration claims on behalf of numerous individuals who invested in Morgan Keegan Funds ("MK Funds"), against Morgan Keegan and Regions Financial Corp. (NYSE:RF). These arbitration claims will be filed in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's ("FINRA") Office of Dispute Resolution. As such, K&T encourages investors who lost $50,000 or more in the MK Funds to consider whether they too should attempt to recover their losses through the filing of an individual securities arbitration claim, or wait for class action litigation to take its course.

By participating in a class action lawsuit, an investor will most likely recover only pennies on the dollar. However, if you lost $50,000 or more in the MK Funds, it may be more beneficial for you to file an individual securities arbitration claim. In 2003, K&T conducted a study of securities arbitration versus class action. The study concluded that investors who file a securities arbitration claim may obtain an overall higher rate of recovery as opposed to participating in a class action lawsuit. To view the full results of the comparison, please visit our web-site:

A class action lawsuit was filed against Morgan Keegan in the United States District Court Western District of Tennessee, captioned Atkinson, M.D. et al v. Morgan Asset Management, Inc. et al., Case No. 2007cv02784. However, Klayman & Toskes, on a contingent basis, is currently processing numerous arbitration claims on behalf of investors who have decided that they want to attempt to recover more than just a nominal amount of their losses. The arbitration claims relate to losses in the MK Funds, including the following:

 Ticker    Bond Fund                      Y-T-D Return as of 12/31/07
 ------    ---------                      ---------------------------
 RMH       RMK High Income Fund                        -65.53%
 RHY       RMK Multi-Sector High Income Fund           -65.09%
 RMA       RMK Advantage Income Fund                   -66.68%
 RSF       RMK Strategic Income Fund                   -66.92%
 RHICX     Regions MK Select High Income-C             -59.95%
 MKHIX     Regions MK Select High Income-A             -59.74%
 RHIIX     Regions MK Select High Income-I             -59.64%
 RIBCX     Regions MK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-C  -50.54%
 MKIBX     Regions MK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-A  -50.30%
 RIBIX     Regions MK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-I  -50.07%

If you lost $50,000 or more in the MK Funds, please contact Lawrence L. Klayman, Esquire or Steven D. Toskes, Esquire of Klayman & Toskes, P.A., at 888-997-9956, to explore your legal options. You may also visit us on the web at K&T, an experienced and nationally recognized securities litigation law firm, continues its representation of investors throughout the world in securities arbitration and litigation matters against major Wall Street brokerage firms.

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