Over the past five years, a customer with SEK 100,000 in insurance
capital with Handelsbanken Liv has received an increase in value of
SEK 34,664 before charges and tax. The average for the insurance
sector for the same period has been SEK 21,328."Pension savings have a long-term investment horizon, and ever since
Handelsbanken Liv became profit-distributing in 2002, our customers
have been winners in the insurance field," continues Michael Zell.
Handelsbanken Liv's investment philosophy is to have a cautious
investment strategy so as to achieve sustainable resistance to stock
market fluctuations, with the aim of giving the company's customers a
high consistent return over the insurance period."Our goal is to have total return that exceeds the sector average
over time, and we have succeeded in this by a healthy margin,"
concludes Michael Zell.

As at 31 December 2007, Handelsbanken Liv's investments broke down as
Equities: 35%
Fixed income instruments: 55%
Property: 5%
Alternative investments: 5%

Other key figures and results for Handelsbanken Liv will be presented
in conjunction with Handelsbanken's annual report, to be published on
27 February 2008.

For further information, please contact:
Michael Zell, chief executive, Handelsbanken Liv, phone +46 8 701
Johan Lagerström, press officer, Handelsbanken, phone +46 8 701 1395
                                            mobile +46 70 265 80 14

* All life insurance companies' bonus rates were included in the
calculations for the sector average. However, companies with
traditional management which instead report a yield rate (such as
KPA, Nordea Liv, SPP. Storebrand Liv and Swedbank Försäkring) are not
included, as they have not yet reported full-year figures.
Source: Swedish Insurance Federation statistics, 10 January 2008:
Average bonus rate, 2007.