NeuroSearch A/S' share capital and voting rights

| Source: Neurosearch A/S
On 3 December 2007, the share capital in NeuroSearch A/S was increased after
the subscription and issue of 42,937 new shares, with a nominal value of DKK 20
each, following the exercise of warrants issued to the employees and

Pursuant to section 6 of Executive Order no. 1172 of 9 October 2007 on Issuers'
Disclosure Obligations, it is hereby announced that at the end of December
2007, the total nominal value of NeuroSearch A/S' share capital is DKK
304,583,740, which is made up of 15,242,687 shares with a nominal value of DKK
20 each, and corresponding to 304,583,740 votes. 

Asger Aamund
Chairman of the Board

Contact persons:

Flemming Pedersen, CEO, telephone: +45 2148 0118

Hanne Leth Hillman, Vice President, Director of Investor Relations & Corporate
Communications, telephone: +45 4017 5103 

NeuroSearch (NEUR) is a Scandinavian biopharmaceutical company listed on the
OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen A/S. Our core business covers the development of
novel drugs, based on a broad and well-established drug discovery platform
focusing on ion channels and CNS disorders. A substantial part of the company's
activities are partner financed through a broad alliance with GlaxoSmithKline
(GSK) and collaborations with among others Abbott and Astellas. The drug
pipeline comprises 13 clinical (Phase I-III) development programmes: ACR16 in
Huntington's disease (Phase III in preparation), tesofensine in obesity (Phase
III in preparation), NS2359 in depression (Phase II) and ADHD (Phase II) in
partnership with GSK, NS1209 in epilepsy/pain (Phase II), ABT-894 in ADHD
(Phase II) and pain (Phase II) in partnership with Abbott, ACR16 in
schizophrenia (Phase I) in partnership with Astellas, ACR325 in bipolar
disorder/Parkinson's disease (Phase I), ABT-107 as well as ABT-560 for the
treatment of various CNS diseases - both (Phase I) in collaboration with
Abbott, NSD-644 in pain a.o. (Phase I) in partnership with GSK and ACR343 in
Parkinson's disease (Phase I). In addition, NeuroSearch has a broad portfolio
of preclinical drug candidates and holds equity interests in several biotech