Notice to All Morgan Keegan Brokerage Firm Customers Who Lost $100,000 or More in Morgan Keegan Bond Funds: The Securities Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes, P.A. Urges You to Explore Your Legal Options

| Source: Klayman & Toskes P.A.

NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Earlier this month, a class action lawsuit was filed against Morgan Keegan in the United States District Court Western District of Tennessee, captioned Atkinson, M.D. et al. v. Morgan Asset Management, Inc. et al., Case No. 2007cv02784. Specifically, the two Morgan Keegan Bond Funds at issue in the class action are the Regions MK Select High Income Bond Fund-I ("RHIIX"), which has a year to date return of -54.35%, and the Regions MK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-A ("MKIBX"), which has a year to date return of -42.73%. However, the Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes, P.A. ("K&T") ( continues to investigate several Morgan Keegan Bond Funds, which also sustained heavy losses, including the following:

  Ticker           Bond Fund                 Y-T-D Return as of

  RMH      RMK High Income Fund                   -60.83%
  RSF      RMK Strategic Income Fund              -61.86%
  RHICX    Regions MK Select High Income-C        -54.66%
  MKHIX    Regions MK Select High Income-A        -54.45%
  RIBCX    Regions MK Select Intermediate-C       -42.96%
  RIBIX    Regions MK Select Intermediate-I       -42.50%

These bond funds sustained heavy losses due to the fact that they were over-concentrated in risky collateralized debt obligations ("CDOs") and other mortgage backed securities. Morgan Keegan may have misrepresented these bond funds to be safe, conservative investments. However, they may have been unsuitable for many Morgan Keegan customers in light of the funds' level of exposure to the CDO and mortgage backed securities markets which have plummeted in recent months.

If you are a brokerage firm customer of Morgan Keegan and lost $100,000 or more in the firm's Bond Funds, please contact Lawrence L. Klayman, Esquire of Klayman & Toskes, P.A., at 888-997-9956, to explore your legal options. You may also visit us on the web at

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